UC Santa Cruz joins Excelencia in Action Network to help advance Latinx student success

UC Santa Cruz has joined the Excelencia in Action Network. The network is part of Excelencia in Education, a national research organization that works to accelerate Latinx student success by collaborating with policymakers and higher education leaders on the needs of Latinx students.

Chancellor Cynthia Larive will take part in the organization’s Presidents for Latino Student Success, a diverse group of college and university presidents and chancellors who have committed to making their institutions learning environments where Latinx students thrive. The group members collaborate with Excelencia in Education to leverage collective expertise and resources, foster partnerships, and advocate for policy changes at the national level. 

“The need to create programs that empower our students is not unique to UC Santa Cruz,” said Chancellor Cynthia Larive. “In my conversations  with college and university leaders nationwide, I find that we are united on student success. By coming together, we can promote best practices, amplify our voices at the national level, and ensure that our concerns are addressed.”

This leadership group includes more than 100 chancellors and presidents representing more than 150 institutions of higher education in 22 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, enrolling roughly one-quarter of all Latinx students nationwide. Roughly 90 percent of the member institutions are public. Four other University of California campuses are members: Davis, Merced, Riverside, and San Diego.

“Execlencia encourages practitioners to take an evidence-based approach to evaluating the impact and effectiveness of programs, practices, and policies aimed to accelerate Latinx student success,” said Charis Herzon, UCSC director of HSI Initiatives. “Additionally, Excelencia helps us build partnerships, networks, and community as leaders by sharing and highlighting what is working. Chancellor Larive joining this network both empowers and encourages our leadership at all levels in our push for racial equity in education.