COVID-19 Research, Response, and Vaccine Learning Forum

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Staff Human Resources - Learning and Development

Since the beginning of the pandemic, UC Santa Cruz medical professionals and researchers have been on the front line of COVID testing and vaccine administration on campus. As we prepare for the start of fall quarter, the COVID situation continues to be fluid raising many questions. 

This educational forum features a panel of campus experts leading our medical, health and research response. The forum includes an overview of educational information regarding COVID and vaccines, and will provide ample time to respond to questions submitted by attendees.

Thursday, August 19, 2021 

3:00- 4:30 PM

Please submit questions for the panel in advance. This forum can be accessed at:


Panel & Organizers:

John MacMillan, Professor and Interim Vice Chancellor of Research

Elizabeth Miller, Medical Director, Student Health Center

Debbi Saint John, Campus COVID Nurse, Student Health Center

Larissa Mangas, Clinic Director, Student Health Center

Gary Dunn, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Health and Wellness

Adrienne Harrell, Learning & Talent Development Manager, Moderator

Marc-Emile Johnston, Learning & Development Coordinator; Zoom Host/Support

John Raedeke, Event Producer/Support

Juan Perez, Event Producer/Support