UC Office of President releases Community Safety Plan

To: Campus Community

From: Chancellor Cindy Larive

The UC Office of the President has released the final 2021 UC Community Safety Plan along with a letter from UC President Michael V. Drake.

The plan was created with the aim of reimagining UC's culture, policies, and practices to create campus communities where all feel equally welcomed, respected, and protected from harm. It was developed with input from diverse groups of University of California stakeholders including Campus Safety Task Force members from each campus.

The UCOP plan is built on four main pillars: stressing community and service-driven safety; developing holistic, inclusive and tiered responses; prioritizing transparency and continuous improvement through data; and establishing accountability and independent review.

This systemwide Campus Safety Plan does not supplant the ongoing work here at UC Santa Cruz to develop a community safety framework that works for all on our campus. I believe the work being done at the system level and on our campus will help advance a welcoming and inclusive campus for our communit