Systemwide COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

To: UCSC Community

From: Lori Kletzer Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor; Sarah Latham Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services

The UC Office of the President has released the final systemwide policy requiring COVID-19 vaccines of all UC employees and students with some limited exceptions. Answers to frequently asked questions are also available for employees and for students.

This new policy is intended to support the health and well-being of our university community including students, trainees, faculty, staff and all others who work, live or learn in any of our locations or participate in person in our programs. If you have yet to receive your vaccine, we encourage you to do so promptly — several convenient options are available for you. Vaccine information is also available on our Student Health Center website.

The systemwide policy requires employees and students to provide proof of vaccination or to request an exception or deferral based on a medical condition, religious belief, disability or pregnancy prior to the start of fall instruction. Beginning today, UC Santa Cruz students and employees can provide proof of vaccination online via the campus health portal. Instructions on the process are below. If you received your vaccine through the Student Health Center, we already have that record, and you do not need to provide proof.

Employees and students will need to upload proof of vaccination by Sept. 9. We will be sending out instructions next week on the process that will be used for requesting an exemption.

Steps to take if you have been vaccinated

  1. If you have already been vaccinated at UC Santa Cruz, we have a record of that vaccination and no further proof is required of you. If you would like to review your vaccination records, log into the Health e-Messenger system and select the Immunization History link on the menu.

  2. If you received a COVID-19 vaccination elsewhere, you must submit proof of vaccination by using our campus Health e-Messenger system, which is managed by Student Health Services. The Health e-Messenger system, which meets the stringent requirements for maintaining the security of medical records, has been serving our student population for many years, and has now been expanded to take in and maintain employee proof of vaccination.

    1. Instructions for employees to log in and submit your proof of vaccination can be found here.
    2. Students can log in and go to Medical Clearances, then COVID-19 to add your information.

Steps to take if you have not been vaccinated and plan to request an exception from the vaccine mandate

We will be sharing instructions next week for those individuals who plan to request an exemption.

Stay informed

Our next COVID-19 Information Forum will take place 9:30-11 a.m. Friday, Aug 13. This will be an opportunity to get an update on our COVID-19 response efforts, including the vaccine policy. If you have a question that you would like addressed at the forum, whether it be about the new policy or any other COVID-19-related topics, you can submit it online. Additional information with the forum link will be forthcoming.

Lori and Sarah