Navigating the post-June 15 employee repopulation to on-site work and additional guidance on telecommuting

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Sarah Latham, Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services

As shared in last month’s message about ramping up on-site operations, beginning June 15 and over the months leading up to the start of fall quarter, units should use the guidance below to begin to phase the return of employees who have not already returned to on-site work and formalize agreements with employees who have entered into or will enter into routine telecommuting. This timing and approach could adjust as we learn more about what state requirements, including those from the California Department of Public Health and Cal OSHA, will impact our operations post June 15. As plans adapt, we will keep you posted.

Guidance and principles for flexible work agreements

Telecommuting will continue to be a part of our campus operations after the pandemic where it serves the educational mission. The pandemic has provided us an opportunity to implement flexible arrangements when they are productive and can meet the mission of the campus. To assist employees and managers as they contemplate whether routine telecommuting is the best path forward for their role and their unit, a new guidance document has been developed. It outlines the principles to keep in mind when crafting the appropriate telecommuting arrangements, if any, in your unit.

In addition, the telecommuting agreement originally released in October has now been automated through Docusign, which will assist in form completion and approval workflow.

All of our telecommuting documents can be found on the Roadmap to Recovery website.

Phasing the repopulation of on-site employees

While telecommuting will be part of the operations for some of our units and employees, others will be returning to on-site work as that is the best model for their roles and services. A new guidance document has been created to assist managers as they map out how best to phase the post-June 15 return of on-site employees. This resource is intended to assist units in making the large scale return of on-site employees as smooth as possible.

In addition, a tips sheet has been developed for employees who will be returning to on-site work for the first time in several months. It provides useful reminders and suggestions as you transition back to on-site work.

Slug Strong wherever you are

We recognize that everyone will navigate the months ahead in different ways. Though we have all had the shared experience of a pandemic, it has affected us differently and the means by which each of us will process the next phase will differ. In the weeks to come, additional resources and training opportunities will be rolled out to take into account the variety of needs different employees will have. One certainty is that we all will need to continue to model compassion and patience with each other. Those values have been critical to the Slug community over the past year and will continue to be essential.  

Whether you have been working on-site throughout the pandemic, will be returning to on-site work in the months to come, or will be telecommuting, you play a vital role in the mission of UC Santa Cruz. Our community transcends our physical worksite and we will continue to be Slug Strong wherever we are.