Center for South Asian Studies supporting aid efforts for India

Center for South Asian Studies

The Center for South Asian Studies at UC Santa Cruz is encouraging the campus community to support aid efforts for India, which is grappling with a dramatic increase in COVID-19 infections. 

"The news coming out of India continues to be heartbreaking as we learn more about the scale and scope of the pandemic," the center said in call to action. "Infections continue to rise, oxygen shortages remain a concern, and we are yet to fully know the extent of human loss and deprivation. The Center for South Asian Studies has been tracking these developments with concern and extends our solidarity and support to all students, faculty and community members who have kin in South Asia."

The center is asking anyone in a position to donate to consider supporting organizations that are helping provide food rations, personal protective equipment, and much-need infrastructural support to the most disenfranchised communities. 

Associate Professor Anjali Arondekar, co-director of the center, said she carefully screened organizations. The ones listed are also able to accept donations in U.S. dollars. 

Ways to give

Fundraising campaigns in Delhi and Mumbai, the two hardest hit cities in India: 

The American India Foundation (AIF)
The American India Foundation is launching Phase II of it's COVID-19 relief effort to provide infrastructure support (such as oxygen supplies), to protect front line workers via PPE and other measures, and to build community resilience through campaigns and nutrition. Donations are accepted from the United States: Donate HERE

Hemkunt Foundation
The Hemkunt Foundation is providing oxygen cylinders free of charge to families in critical need in the Delhi NCR region.  Donations are being accepted in India and internationally: Donate HERE

Arogya World
Arogya World is a global health non-profit organization working to prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs). During the pandemic, Arogya has focused on advancing the dialogue on workplace health and providing resources and information relating to Covid-19 relief. Learn more here: Donate Here

GiveIndia is currently raising funds for healthcare workers, patients, and all those suffering from the second wave of the Covid-19 crisis in India. There are many trusted campaigns which you can support: Donate Here