Loosening of COVID-19 testing requirements

To: UC Santa Cruz Students

From: Dr. Elizabeth Miller, Medical Director - UCSC Student Health Services

This is a moment to celebrate and for you to take a bow for helping to keep our community safe during this awful pandemic. Telecommuting, getting tested, supporting each other, and adhering to all the Slug Strong mitigation strategies have paid off. As a result of much improved regional public health conditions and low positivity rates amongst UCSC students and in Santa Cruz County, effective April 19, 2021 — we are now requiring only one test a week instead of two for students living, working or taking classes on campus. For student athletes, please note that you are still required to test at the cadence defined by the NCAA.

This is a big deal! Our campus has consistently maintained a low positivity rate — one of the lowest in the UC system — because you have been so very supportive and respectful of our COVID mitigation measures. We’re not out of the woods yet, things can change on a dime, but there’s significant hope on the horizon. If we all keep getting tested, practicing social distancing, and wearing face coverings, we will get back to a new normal sooner rather than later.

For those of you who are not back on campus — please know that you are dearly missed. You have done your part by telecommuting to class — a huge factor in keeping our community safe. Thank you.

Another sign of hope—today marks the day that all of you are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. You can read all about it online. Be sure to sign up for MyTurn and check out this Health Center resource page for tips on where to get your shot. Arm-by-arm we will beat this thing.

Please take a moment to be proud of and acknowledge all you have done for our community of Banana Slugs. We will get through this together.