Forthcoming UC Santa Cruz COVID-19 follow-up survey

To: UC Santa Cruz Staff

From: Chancellor Cindy Larive

I write seeking your participation in an upcoming COVID-19 follow-up survey that is being administered by UC San Diego.

As many of you know, UCSD in April 2020 conducted a survey for our campus to assess your early experiences in the pandemic and how we could best address your needs as many of you shifted to working from home. At that point, we did not know what the path ahead would look like. Feedback from more than 1,500 respondents helped inform our recovery efforts and our approach to operations, guiding us as we rolled out campus support programs and communications.

In the past year, you have demonstrated resilience as well as dedication to our mission, our students, and each other. As we prepare for the next stages of our recovery efforts and the continued ramp-up of on-site activities leading up to the start of the next academic year, we are again participating in the UC San Diego COVID-19 survey.

Most of the survey questions are the same as last time to give us the opportunity to see how we have done in the past year — where we have improved and where we need to focus our efforts. In addition, we will be able to see how we have performed in comparison to other campuses participating in the UC San Diego assessment. I hope you will, once again, take the time to share your perspectives.

The survey will be sent to you from Tritonlytics, which is the assessment unit at UC San Diego. Invites will go out on April 22. The survey is short, and should take about five minutes to complete. The survey is confidential, and your name will not be associated with your responses

Thank you in advance for sharing your perspectives.


Cynthia Larive