Announcing New Undocumented Student Support Initiative

To: UCSC Community

From: Jennifer Baszile, Interim Vice Chancellor, Division of Student Affairs and Success

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative, an 18-month campus program to enhance structural supports for undocumented students to thrive on campus and beyond, and to strengthen relationships between undocumented students, staff, and faculty at UC Santa Cruz.  Our goal is undocumented students’ liberation from any form of social oppression, including on our campus. The initiative will begin in April 2021 with the onset of spring quarter. 

Program Overview:

This program will engage with UCSC students, faculty, staff, alumni and other partners to a) discover needs and strengths in the UCSC community regarding the experiences of undocumented students, b) develop trust and rapport for collaborative and affirming working relationships to sustain long-term change and institutional transformation, and c) provide consultative support to UCSC community members as they work in community with students and other community members to develop programs, policies, and implement strategies aimed at strengthening the structures that support undocumented students in their academic and personal pursuits at UCSC. 

The planning team for this initiative will include students, representatives from EOP, Undocumented Student Services, Dean of Students, the Resource Centers, our Divisional team, and the three consultants. 

Program Consultants:

This initiative will be done in partnership with three Latinx-identified immigrants who are currently or formerly undocumented, have doctoral-level training in psychology, and have been involved in addressing undocumented immigrants’ concerns through campus-based advocacy, community organizing, clinical practice, academic research, and policy activism. The consulting team has extensive experience in developing institutional and national training programs, and in providing consultation to university units, hospitals, and organizations. This is a team that is highly versed in knowledge and understanding of intersectionality of multiple identities. The team includes:

  • Dr. Germán A. Cadenas (He/El), assistant professor of counseling psychology at Lehigh University
  • Dr. Laura P. Minero (She/Ella), postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles
  • Liliana Campos (She/Ella), doctoral intern at the University of California Davis

Germán, Laura, and Liliana have done incredible work in their respective areas and are excited to provide valuable insight and guidance during the course of this initiative. They are already contributing to making our campus more undocufriendly. In December, they led a workshop for our entire Division of Student Affairs and Success, where they introduced us to strategies for healing ethno-racial trauma in working with undocumented immigrants. 

Seeking Student Collaborators:

We are seeking students who are interested in engaging in the early planning phases of this initiative in spring and summer 2021. The student participants will receive a stipend in recognition of their work in the planning process.  We invite students to express interest by filling out this form. Staff members may also nominate a student to participate.  Please respond by Friday, March 12th if interested.

The Division will also be identifying a student coordinator to help guide this project throughout the 2021-2022 academic year via the Professional Career Development Program (PCDP). PCDP provides qualified students who are NOT currently eligible for federal funding an opportunity to receive a $4,200 scholarship and gain professional skills and career development under the guidance of a mentor.  Updates will be shared soon when the recruitment process for this program begins.

The Division will keep the community apprised of progress on this initiative at this website.  Please check back regularly for updates. Thank you in advance to everyone that will be coming together to engage in this vital work. I am committed to to this work and am confident that if we come together in this way we will be able to provide the services needed for the health, wellness, and success of undocumented students on our campus.

Jennifer Baszile
Interim Vice Chancellor
Division of Student Affairs and Success