Forthcoming survey on UC Santa Cruz public safety and policing

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Cynthia Larive, Chancellor; Sarah Latham, Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services

Later this week we will send a survey to all in our campus community to gather perspectives about campus safety and the role of campus police. This outreach is part of our commitment to meaningful and multi-faceted engagement with our community. This survey will provide you with an opportunity to share with us your experiences and interactions with campus police, as well as your viewpoints on what factors impact your definition of and perception of campus safety. The survey will also allow you to share your views on reimagining public safety on our campus and the role of the UC Santa Cruz Police Department.

Your invitation to participate in this survey will come from the People Lab at UC Berkeley, as they are conducting the survey on behalf of our campus. Individual responses will not be available to anyone outside of the authorized team of People Lab researchers. Our campus will not receive your individual responses and will not be able to tie an answer to a respondent. All results will be presented to the campus in the aggregate only, and in a way that protects the identities of individual respondents. The aggregate results will be broadly available and reviewed by the Campus Safety Community Advisory Board to inform its recommendations.

Your participation is critical, as it will help us develop and define future directions for our public safety program. Thank you in advance.