Spring quarter transportation options

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS)

Spring has sprung, Slugs, and TAPS is here to help you get where you need to go this quarter. Keep reading for important transportation reminders like bike programs, electric vehicle charging, transit updates, and parking permit renewals. 

Bike Programs

There’s nothing better than riding through campus on a spring day and seeing the greenery and wildlife. But what if you don’t have a bike? TAPS can help with that!

Borrow a bike from the Bike Library at no cost. Your spring-quarter bike check-out even comes with a helmet and a lock to keep you and your bike safe. Applications close April 2nd, so apply now.

Staff and Faculty are also eligible for 0% interest bike loans. You can get up to $750 toward a traditional bike or $1,500 toward an e-bike. Learn more about applying here. 

Once you’ve got your bike, check out our bike classes or get a free helmet, lights, or bike mechanic check. Visit SlugBikeLife.org for upcoming events. 


Spring is perfect for getting out and exploring campus. Put on some walking shoes and check out the pathways and trails on campus. Our walking map even gives the walking time between key locations. 

Electric Vehicles

You can now charge your electric vehicle under the East Remote lot solar array! There’s affordable Level 2 charging via Chargepoint AND Level 1 trickle charging via ParkMobile. We’ve also added Level 1 charging to the 6th floor of the Core West parking structure. Visit our website for more information. 

Please Note: As of April 5th, R, C, or FSH permits will no longer be eligible to charge in the Core West parking structure and will have to charge in the East Remote lot or at Lot 201 on the Coastal Science Campus (valid permit for CSC required).

Don’t have an electric vehicle? Getting one is easier than you think! In addition to federal, state, and local tax rebates, UCSC affiliates are eligible for dealer discounts. Programs are even available for low-income staff and students. Visit our Electric Vehicle Offers and Rebates page for current offers. 

Transit Updates

Campus shuttles will continue on the same schedule as winter quarter through spring. Night Core service will be on-demand by calling (831) 459-2829. View the most recent Campus Transit schedules here.

Santa Cruz METRO has reduced fares through September 25th, including Highway 17 Express for only $3.50! Learn more about METRO’s reduced fares here. Students can continue to ride METRO buses fare-free within the county with validator stickers from winter 2020 through spring 2021.

Parking Permits

With spring comes 2021-2022 permit renewals. Employees can renew their permits beginning May 1st, and student renewals begin in mid-May (date will be announced in April). Permit applications will be available here.

For employees on payroll deductions: If your permit is expiring, you MUST bring your old permit to TAPS and exchange it for a new one. Your deductions will continue regardless of your permit expiration date. To stop deductions, you must return your permit to TAPS. 

Visit the TAPS website for detailed information about all of our programs, and remember to follow TAPS on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updated information and announcements. 

Happy traveling, Slugs!