UC Santa Cruz programs ranked in ‘Best Graduate Schools’ survey

The latest survey by U.S. News and World Report released rankings for graduate schools across the country, and UC Santa Cruz programs were evaluated in engineering, economics, history, sociology, education, and political science.

Among these disciplines, the Jack Baskin School of Engineering’s graduate offerings were UCSC’s highest-performing programs, according to the survey criteria. Computer engineering specialties, in particular, ranked 51st. The overall engineering school ranked 88th for its graduate programs, while specialties related to electrical engineering and bioengineering ranked at 77th and 97th, respectively.

After engineering, the Economics Department had UCSC’s next-best rankings performance, coming in at 53rd, followed by history programs, at 63rd. Programs in sociology, education, and political science ranked 70th, 136th, and 89th. These rankings were based on peer assessment surveys sent to academics in each discipline. Non-specialty engineering rankings and education rankings also included other factors, like statistical data on student selectivity, faculty resources, and research activity. 

Programs in the sciences were previously ranked in the 2019 edition of the “Best Grad Schools” guide. Among the highlights of those rankings, UC Santa Cruz programs in geophysics and seismology came in 10th, while Earth sciences and physics offerings ranked 19th and 37th.