UCSC Zoom Live Transcription

To: UCSC Community

From: Lisa Bono, Information Technology Services

We are excited to share that the option for live transcription is now available through your UCSC Zoom account. The Zoom host can decide to enable this feature for each Zoom session. 

Once enabled, the feature provides the ability to turn the spoken word into text, in real time as subtitles, transcript or both. The transcription appears during the Zoom session and is visible to ALL participants.

Remote learning and working can be challenging for many people. This feature can be used to enhance the general accessibility of a Zoom session and is also helpful for:

  • Individuals who benefit from captions to improve overall understanding.  

  • Situations to compensate for low audio quality and enhance understanding.

  • Situations where individuals are unable to keep their volume up due to sharing their work or study space with others. 

Zoom Live Transcription should be used for accessibility, not for accommodation.

Using Zoom Live Transcription

Please review the instructions on the Using Live Transcription web page. We recommend practicing a few times without participants to learn the new feature. 

Things to consider if you use this feature:

  • Only the host can enable Live Transcription. Participants will not have access to the Live Transcript unless the host enables it for each Zoom session. 

  • The Zoom session transcript can be saved by the host AND by the participants. If the host doesn't want the participants to be able to save and download a copy of the transcript, the host must disable Save Captions in the Zoom web application settings BEFORE the session begins. Instructions

    • Zoom for Instruction: Some instructors may wish to allow students to save the transcript as a supplement for taking notes. Others may wish to disable this function in order to prevent their own and their students’ words being easily downloaded and shared. For events such as invited speakers, ask the speaker in advance to determine whether the transcript can be saved. It is recommended that if you are allowing the transcript to be downloaded after a meeting, that you inform meeting participants about this, as you do when recording. 

  • Accuracy of the transcription depends on audio input from the speaker, including the speaker's accent, voice modulation, intonation and the quality of the microphone used.

  • This feature is not currently available in Zoom Breakout rooms.

For more information about the Zoom Live Transcription feature, visit: https://its.ucsc.edu/zoom/live-transcription.html

If you have questions, you may submit an IT Request ticket at https://itrequest.ucsc.edu or contact the ITS Support Center by email at help@ucsc.edu or call 831-459-4357.