STAR Awards program renewed for 2020-21

Staff Human Resources is pleased to announce the Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Award Plan has been renewed for fiscal year 2020–21.

STAR awards are discretionary and may be awarded to employees for the purpose of recognizing and rewarding excellence in university service; significant achievements and contributions; and outstanding individual and team performance. STAR cash awards are non-base building. The university will not place restrictions or conditions on an employee’s use of any cash awarded under this plan.

At UC Santa Cruz, the STAR Plan will be funded at the departmental or divisional level. The Office of Planning and Budget will notify principal officers regarding funding for the STAR Plan. Units will need to follow appropriate fund usage and/or restrictions. For example, general funds may not be used for non-general funded positions/functions. Federal funds are generally not allowed for awards, unless specifically approved by the granting agency. Award distribution reports by fund source and personnel program are made to the Office of the President at the end of the year. All awards are reported, regardless of fund source.

STAR Plan Guidelines for administering the program, along with the STAR Plan Nomination Spreadsheet for submission of cash awards are available on the Staff Human Resources website, Staff Appreciation & Recognition Plan.

Nominations may be submitted at any time during the 2020/2021 fiscal year prior to May 31, 2021, and will be processed on the next available payroll cycle.

If you have questions about the guidelines or processing of awards, please contact Shelby Young, Compensation & Operations Manager at For questions regarding funding, please contact Planning and Budget.