Public Safety - Health Notification - COVID-19 Positive Case Notification

To: All UCSC Residential Students & Residential Staff

From: Lisa Wisser, Director, Environmental Health & Safety

Residential Community,

I write to let you know that three staff members working in the Colleges Nine and Ten Dining Hall have tested positive for COVID-19 over a 14 day period. The first case was reported on December 5, and the most recent was reported on December 12. Since then, there have been no additional positive cases. This is considered a workplace outbreak as defined by Cal/OSHA, although the cases do not appear to be work-related. Through the contact tracing process, these COVID-19 cases were determined to be caused by off-campus community exposure.

We do not believe that those using Colleges Nine and Ten Dining to obtain meals were in close contact with the staff members who tested positive for COVID-19, based on the information we have and because of the practices used at campus facilities to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. These measures are detailed in the campus’s interim Public Health Policy and its Resumption Planning protocol.

We are advising you of this situation as a courtesy notice and to highlight the continued importance of remaining vigilant. Please continue to:

  • Complete your daily symptom check if you are accessing any UCSC site;
  • Wear a face covering;
  • Abide by posted physical distancing guidelines;
  • Participate in the asymptomatic testing program;
  • Do not move about campus if you are feeling ill and consult with the Student Health Center;
  • Regularly wash your hands; and
  • Abide by the applicable stay-at-home order restrictions.

UC Santa Cruz is implementing all required Cal/OSHA mitigations. For additional details about these emergency regulations, or related COVID-19 resource information, please refer to the links included below.

Environmental Health & Safety can address any questions that you may have. Please contact The EH&S team will continue to monitor the status of this situation and you will be advised if there are any further updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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