UC Santa Cruz Launches Financial Coaching for Students

Students at UC Santa Cruz are able to attend one-on-one financial coaching sessions, hosted by SlugCents.

The university started the first financial literacy program on campus in June 2020. This program aims to democratize access to financial resources for all students and prepare students for life after graduation. The program offers many resources for students, including quarterly workshops, external resources and referrals, and online education.

The new individual financial coaching offering opened to students on Nov. 2. Current, recently graduated, and students on leave are able to meet with a certified financial counselor for coaching. Individual coaching sessions are available to help students address financial challenges, including challenges related to unique financial situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students are able to discuss any personal finance topic, from budgeting to retirement, with their coach. During a 30 minute appointment, students can get answers to financial questions, discover university and external resources, and learn about developing good financial habits.

Appointments can be made through Slug Success or by emailing the SlugCents program for students without access to Slug Success. More information on the SlugCents program can be found on the university’s Student Business Services webpage