Statement on UC Regents session on faculty dismissal

While personnel issues are traditionally dealt with in closed session as provided by law, Professor Ramakrishna "Ram" Akella requested that the presentation of the requested action be done during the open session of the Regents November 19 meeting. The Regents complied with the request.

Chancellor Cynthia Larive, in agreement with the campus Committee on Privilege and Tenure, has recommended the UC Board of Regents dismiss Professor Akella for violating the Faculty Code of Conduct by failing to teach assigned courses.

Teaching students is a core responsibility of any UCSC faculty member. This professor’s refusal to teach assigned courses interfered with our central mission and negatively affected students and colleagues. UC Santa Cruz is committed to the success of its students and ensuring they can enroll in courses that help them earn a degree. Refusing to fulfill one of his fundamental duties is unacceptable.

Read Chancellor Cynthia Larive’s remarks to the UC Board of Regents.