UCSC Winter Break Curtailment

To: UC Santa Cruz staff

From: Staff Advisory Board

Dear fellow staff,

Like many of you, we were discouraged to learn we would no longer be allowed to use our available COVID-19 UC Expanded Paid Admin Leave to cover campus-based winter break curtailment days for this year.

We understand this change makes winter break curtailment a more difficult time for those of us who are still able to work. This issue may land on you in various ways. It may mean there will not be a full paycheck or that we will be using up vacation days during this time when there is a higher potential that we might need those days. There is also considerable burden and no relief for staff who are deemed essential, required to work on-campus, and will work through the curtailment period.

In our capacity as the Staff Advisory Board, we will share these and other concerns with our campus and systemwide leadership and request decision-makers to consider alternative plans that take into account the adverse impacts it will have on already strained staff.

We are reaching out to say we appreciate your continued work and dedication during these taxing times and we are working alongside you. Also, we are inviting you to give additional feedback about this or other concerns, which you can do via the Feedback or Questions form on our website.

To provide feedback on the proposed Office of the President curtailment and salary reduction that is distinct from our campus winter break curtailment, please use the survey in the campus message that was sent earlier Monday, click here.


The Staff Advisory Board