Campus implementing temporary redeployment program

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Sarah Latham, Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services

As campus operations have adjusted to fewer students, no in-person events, reduced travel, and a host of other changes in response to COVID-19, many units are facing service level impacts and reduction in workload. To address the needs of career and partial year career staff who may have limited work due to decreased campus service levels, UCSC is implementing a temporary redeployment program to manage campus staffing levels through the academic year 2020-2021. The goal of this initiative is to preserve employment for career employees to the fullest extent possible while fulfilling critical campus services and tackling important campus projects.  

This week, we are initiating the first step of this process by asking each division principal officer to identify work or projects that could use personnel support. In parallel with this effort, the campus will undertake a strategic service level reduction assessment and, combining these efforts, Staff Human Resources will work with units who have service level reductions to determine where there are matches between employee skill sets and work project needs. Supervisors and managers should consult with their Employee Relations (ER) Analyst to determine their staffing needs for the coming academic year before taking any action. 

Employees in units with limited work who are interested in the program will be invited to complete a Redeployment Interest Form to be considered for available temporary positions in the weeks ahead.

More details on the program will be shared this week. If there are any immediate questions prior to that, they can be sent to We hope that by being strategic, proactive and creative we can redeploy the talents of our employees as we face the service level reductions resulting from COVID-19.