Temporary Employee Redeployment Program

To: UC Santa Cruz Faculty and Staff

From: Staff Human Resources

As another academic year begins, the campus moves forward during times of continued uncertainty. We know that campus operations have adjusted to fewer students, no in-person events, reduced travel, and a host of other changes in response to COVID-19, and as a result, many units are facing service level impacts and reduction in workload. Over the next two weeks, the campus will be assessing potential service level reduction in each division across campus. In parallel with that effort and to address the needs of career and partial-year career staff who may have limited work due to decreased campus service levels, UC Santa Cruz is implementing a temporary employee redeployment program (ERP) to manage campus staffing levels through the academic year 2020-2021.

The redeployment program has two key components. The first will be to identify the roles and jobs that will be either underutilized, reduced in time, or not needed in the face of the reduced departmental or divisional operating levels. Second, while this strategic assessment occurs, each division will have the opportunity to identify existing staffing needs or projects that can be launched that would enable career or partial-year career staff the opportunity to be redeployed.  As these initiatives run together, by the end of October the campus will be able to understand the full scope of service level reductions as well as potential opportunities for redeployment.

As a campus, we value our employees and would like to support by striving to provide employment options during the uncertain times resulting from the COVID pandemic. For employees who may not have work for the remainder of fall or winter quarter, employees will have the option to participate in this temporary employee redeployment program. Employees that are interested in redeployment will be asked to submit an interest form articulating their skills, knowledge, abilities, and preferred shifts, among other questions. Based on an interest form, SHR will review submissions for individual skills in order to facilitate redeployment matches. Employees may be redeployed through this program for a minimum of 30 days or through June 2021. Opting in to the ERP does not guarantee an employee’s placement or that a suitable matching temporary job or project will be available.