Interim Conflict of Interest Related to Consensual Relationships (Policy EEP–0001)

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Isabel Dees, Associate Vice Chancellor, Equity and Equal Protection

The Office of Equity and Equal Protection has issued a new Interim Policy on Conflict of Interest Related to Consensual Relationships. The Interim Conflict of Interest Related to Consensual Relationships Policy (EEP–0001) applies to everyone in our UC Santa Cruz community including anyone who works, lives, visits, or otherwise engages in university activities.

This policy is effective as of September 29, 2020 and is available online.

We thank and acknowledge the work of the Coordinated Community Review Team (CCRT) for its work in stewarding development, review, and recommendation for implementation of this policy.

Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Equity and Equal Protection Office at or 831–459–2462.