Tomorrow—Chancellor and Senior Leadership Forum

To: UC Santa Cruz Staff

From: Staff Advisory Board

Dear UCSC Staff

The SAB wanted to send a quick reminder about tomorrow's Chancellor and Senior Leadership Forum. We will be live streaming here, and we plan to start at 2:30 pm. We will have brief introductory remarks from the SAB host and chancellor, but the majority of the time will be reserved for Q&A.

We recognize what an overwhelming few weeks it has been at every level. Heartbreaking national events weigh heavily, and many in our community are grappling with our complicity in an ongoing system of oppression and how we can work harder to repair the harm our complacency has caused. The SAB invited a few folks to our call who can address questions that may help us address questions that come up about campus climate in this difficult time. If folks think another forum dedicated to addressing the civil rights issues most recently brought to the fore, we welcome that feedback and would be open to partnering with groups to bring such an event to the community.

We do know that a lot of COVID questions and concerns remain despite other serious work as well, so we hope that this event will be helpful despite the multiple fronts we need to be giving attention to.

The Staff Advisory Board