To: UCSC Community

From: Dan Henderson, Director, Transportation and Parking Services

We are pleased to announce that an extension of the service agreement between UCSC and METRO has been reached.

Students currently enrolled in classes for the summer quarter may continue to ride METRO buses fare-free and county-wide past June 30. These students may board by presenting a Summer 2020 sticker on their student ID card.  Additionally, in order to help decrease foot traffic at ID Services or the Summer Session Office, and until further notice, summer session students may also board with Winter 2020 or Spring 2020 stickers.

Faculty and Staff, or Graduate students with a summer appointment, who wish to purchase a new Employee METRO Bus Pass may do so now by completing the application located here.  These new passes may be used to board and ride county-wide METRO buses effective immediately.

Additionally, 2019-2020 Employee METRO Bus Passes will be accepted through July 15 in order to give everyone ample time to procure a 2020-2021 pass.

Employee METRO Bus Passes are not available via walk-in sale.  For more information, please visit https://taps.ucsc.edu/ or contact TAPS at taps@ucsc.edu.