DACA Decision and Our Ongoing Commitment to Our Undocumented Community

To: UC Santa Cruz community

From: Campus leaders (see list below)

Today, the Supreme Court ruled not to rescind protections for nearly 700,000 people under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy. This decision reflects the hard work and dedication of so many people, and we are proud that the University of California led the fight to preserve this crucial policy. The rights ensured by DACA are critically important, and we are relieved that they have not been arbitrarily taken from people who are vital to our community and contribute so much to it. 

While today’s decision is certainly a relief, DACA is not enough. It only provides work authorization for people who came to the United States as children and requires renewal every two years. It does not provide a path to citizenship. Most importantly, many undocumented  people are excluded from DACA and cannot benefit from the legal protections it affords. 

To our undocumented community: Know that we will continue to welcome you and value you at UC Santa Cruz without regard to immigration status. We see your humanity, your talents, and your contributions to our university and the world. This will never change.

Many students already lacked DACA protection, and we have worked hard to ensure they have the same opportunities as other students. We know that more is needed, now more than ever. This continuously updated page summarizes the university’s most recent work to support the undocumented student community. In addition, below you will find information about resources available to undocumented students. At the urging of our students, particularly our undocumented student community, we are also creating a space in the Academic Resources Center exclusively dedicated to Undocumented Student Services. 

Over their lives, our undocumented community members have shown incredible courage and resilience, overcoming many barriers to achieve so much. We all share in the relief of this decision, but know there is much more work to do. We will continue to do all we can to make our community inclusive, to advocate for humane comprehensive immigration reform, and to support our undocumented undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty and their families in achieving their educational goals.



Cynthia Larive



Lori Kletzer 

Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Jennifer Baszile

Incoming interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Success

Jaye Padgett

Vice Provost for Student Success

Pablo Reguerín

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Achievement & Equity Innovation

Teresa Maria Linda Scholz 

Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Isabel Dees

Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Equity and Equal Protection

Resources for Undocumented Students and Families

UC Immigrant Legal Services Center (UCSC Legal Fellow Ian Doughtery)

Contact: (530) 574-9414, ian.ucimm@law.ucdavis.edu

Website: UC Immigrant Legal Services Center

UCSC Undocumented Student Services

Contact: (831) 459-2296, eopab540@ucsc.edu

UCSC AB-21 Point of Contact: Garrett Naiman

Contact: (831) 459-4446, deanofstudents@ucsc.edu

We understand the US Supreme Court’s DACA decision impacts not only undocumented students and their families but also students who are in mixed-status families. Our legal services and Undocumented Support Services are available to these students, too. 

Undocumented students in California will continue to have access to:

  • In-state tuition and financial aid

    • Students who qualify for AB 540 under CA Education Code § 68130.5 will still qualify for in-state tuition and financial aid. For more information on the AB 540 nonresident tuition exemption, see the UC Office of the President AB 540 information site

  • Undocumented Student Services (USS) at UCSC

    • Services and programs offered by the Undocumented Student Services team at EOP will continue to provide support services and the team is seeking how to broaden its impact and support. A new USS Academic Counselor is coming aboard to lead this team, and we also are in the hiring process for next year’s intern team and a program consultant.  

  • Student Support Services remain unchanged by the court decision

    • Slug Support, the Student Health Center, CAPS, STARS and many other student services remain unchanged by the court decision and will continue to offer their services to UCSC students.  

Other community resources include: 

  • Graduate school and professional degrees

  • Medi-Cal

    • Those eligible for California Medical Assistance Program can access free or low-cost health coverage for children and adults ages 18-26 with limited resources,

      • Qualifications

        • Low-income adults

        • Families with children

        • Seniors

        • Persons with disabilities

        • Pregnant women

        • Children in foster care and former foster youth up to age of 26

  • AB 60 Driver License 

    • DMV: “Issues an original driver license to an applicant who is unable to submit satisfactory proof of legal presence in the United States. Driver license applicants under AB 60 must meet all other qualifications for licensure and must provide satisfactory proof of identity and California residency.”

    • Other Resources: AB 60 Driver’s License Holders- Know Your Rights