Announcing the newest members of the Staff Advisory Board

To: UCSC staff

From: UCSC Staff Advisory Board

Dear UCSC staff,

The Staff Advisory Board is delighted to report a record-setting election! Not only did we have the largest pool of nominees in recent history, but we had more than 450 people cast votes, more than doubling last year's election participation. We greatly appreciate the engagement and look forward to building on it going forward.

This year we had four openings to fill, and the four highest vote tallies were:

  • Travis S. Becker; Director, Lionel Cantú Queer Resource Center
  • Danny Rodriguez; Lead Academic Preceptor, Oakes College
  • Liz Moya; Renaissance Scholars Program Counselor
  • Nathan McCall; HR Business Information Services Manager
Travis, Danny, and Liz will be new to the board, and we are excited for them to join us. Nathan will be serving a second term, and we are grateful for his continued service.

All candidates have our appreciation. Their leadership and service on campus is valuable, and we hope to work with all of them moving forward.

The 2019-2020 board members will vote on leadership positions next week, and then we will formally roll over to the 2020-21 Board on July 1. Leadership positions will be posted when available.

A brief update on questions from our June 5 forum: All questions were recorded and were submitted to the campus leadership team on Tuesday. Apologies for the delay, but we look forward to getting answers back in the next few weeks. They will be posted on our website when available.

Congrats again to our newest members, and thanks to everyone for their engagement!

The Staff Advisory Board