Forum Follow-up

To: UC Santa Cruz Staff

From: Staff Advisory Board

Dear UCSC Staff,

In the lead-up to the Chancellor and Leadership Forum a few weeks ago, we sent a survey asking folks what they were most concerned about. Those concerns were also echoed in the questions that got asked during the forum. At this time, we have published the 4 most frequently asked questions and the responses from the campus leadership team on our website. That same team continues to work on responding to the many other questions we received at the forum, and we hope to be able to post those as well in the next week or two.

With regard to the next forum, we will schedule the Q&A session when the campus leadership team has the information it needs to answer our questions. Details about fall, reopening timelines, budgets, and other concerns are hard to tackle right now. There is hope that more clarity may exist as we move through May, and so right now a tentative target for the next Forum is the first week of June. We are happy to share any feedback you have regarding the timing of this Forum.

Thank you all for your continued engagement. We hope you and your families are all staying safe!

The Staff Advisory Board