Watch UCSC participants talk about hope during TEDx Santa Cruz

"The Art of Hope" theme inspired talks about gender identity, activism, science, and more

Photo of poster promoting TEDx Santa Cruz

Last December, TEDx Santa Cruz hosted a day-long extravaganza of talks curated around the theme of "The Art of Hope." Those talks, including ones by several UCSC affiliates, are now available for online viewing.

Here's a rundown of UCSC participants and the titles of their talks:

Roxanne Beltran, postdoctoral fellow in ecology and evolutionary biology

The Hope of Diversity

Sue Carter, professor of physics and director of the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development

Dedicated to Undergraduate Opportunities to Make a Difference through Research, Entrepreneurship, and Creativity

Ryan Coonerty, lecturer in legal studies

Local Government: Where Democracy Goes to Live

David Deamer, research professor of biomolecular engineering

The Arc of the Scientific Universe is Long

Phillip Hammack, professor of psychology

The Radical Authenticity Revolution

Sylvanna Falcón, professor of Latin American and Latino studies

The Ingredients of Activism

David T. Lee, assistant professor of computational media

Apprenticeship Learning and Tech for Good

Kyle Robertson, co-founder of the Center for Public Philosophy

The Philosophy of Hope and Despair

Karelle Siellez, astrophysicist


Barry Sinervo, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology

Climate Cancer Crisis: An Allegorical Tale