Campus directive - restrictions on select trails and recreational spaces

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Office of Emergency Services

Effective April 16, 2020, the Santa Cruz County Health Officer lifted the supplemental order that previously had closed and prohibited the use of specific recreational spaces. The campus adopted these restrictions and applied them to multiple campus locations. Although the supplemental order has been lifted by the County, the original restrictions listed in the extended County Public Health Order dated March 31, 2020 are still in effect.  

Be advised that the campus is lifting some access and location restrictions while still maintaining closures of some locations. This decision is to address areas where group gatherings may occur or areas where we have had challenges with people practicing effective physical distancing. Additionally, playground and other recreational equipment has been included due to the challenges of ensuring adequate sanitization of equipment. These restrictions will be in place until the campus determines it is appropriate to reopen these locations. We will continue to monitor and reassess these decisions based on community practices. 

Closure signs (in English and Spanish) are being adjusted based on the list of spaces that will remain closed as noted below. Other areas may be closed or opened without further notice.

List of UCSC locations with restricted or closed access

  • Coastal Science Campus (limited access to campus, coastal trail accessible)

  • 2300 Delaware Campus

  • Workout area near Police Department (Lot 105)

  • Pathway through The Village and footpath to/from East Remote

  • The Great Meadow (bike path accessible)

  • Coolidge Drive @ Pogonip Lookout

  • Stevenson Knoll 

  • Main Campus Entrance grass area

  • Lower East Field

  • East Field (walking/running track is open for use but physical distancing is expected)

  • East Field workout area, basketball courts, and all of OPERS

  • Quarry Amphitheater

  • Chinquapin Road trailhead (behind the fire department)

  • College Ten Road trailhead (above the International Learning Center)

  • Red Hill Road trailhead (above the EH&S Trailers) 

  • North Perimeter Lot trailhead (150B)

  • Porter Meadow and all trailheads leading to the meadow

  • Family Student Housing Softball Field

  • Playgrounds at: Family Student Housing, Ranch View Terrace, Hagar Court

  • Rachel Carson College: Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts and adjacent grass area

  • Oakes College: Lower West Field 

  • All trails and paths leading to fields from West Remote Parking Lot and Oakes College, except those leading to Oakes College

  • All areas on Empire Grade Road leading onto the Porter Meadow, Inclusion Area A, and all trails and paths onto the residential campus

While some closures are lifted, we remind you the above Order only allows residents to leave home to conduct essential activities. Except as specified in the Order, public gatherings of any number of people are prohibited. Also, in order to fight the spread of COVID-19 the Shelter in Place and Social Distancing Directives, as well as the prohibition for group gatherings remain in place. We thank you for all that you are doing to support the community through this challenging time.