On-campus permit requirement update

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Dan Henderson, Director, Transportation and Parking Services

Permit Requirements On Campus

Effective April 8, 2020 through May 3, 2020, permit requirements for regular, non-reserved parking spaces on campus, including the Coastal Sciences Campus and the Westside Research Park facility (2300 Delaware), will continue to be temporarily suspended.

*** This suspension only applies to regularly marked, non-reserved parking spaces in public parking lots. All other campus parking regulations will be enforced.***   

Enforceable violations continue to include, but are not limited to, the following during this time:

  • Violations related to unauthorized vehicles parked in areas not designated for parking.

  • Violations related to vehicles parked in individually marked, posted or reserved parking spaces.

    • Examples: roadways posted as restricted, campus medical spaces, posted carpool spaces, posted university vehicle areas or spaces, individually posted spaces reserved for specific permits or permit types, etc.

  • Violations related to unauthorized vehicles parked in reserved/restricted areas, or areas that require special access privileges.

  • Violations related to ADA/Disability parking spaces.

  • Violations related to vehicles parked outside of, or over marked parking space lines.

  • Violations related to Loading and Time Zones.

  • Violations related to vehicles obstructing any roadway, pathway, sidewalk, stairwell, etc.

  • Violations related to marked curbs (e.g. red, green, yellow, etc.), no parking zones and Fire Lanes.

  • Violations related to individually marked/posted ParkMobile spaces, pay stall (pay per space) or individual spaces where meters are posted (only during posted enforcement times).

  • Violations related to the display of an altered or counterfeit permit.

Complaints regarding illegally parked vehicles should continue to be reported directly to the Campus Police Department, Parking Enforcement at (831) 459-2231 x1.

Special Parking requests (including Contractor and Vendor Parking):

Because of possible delays in response times due to current conditions, any special parking requests/reservations will need to be arranged through TAPS in advance at taps@ucsc.edu

Contractors and vendors may park in regularly marked, non-reserved parking spaces without permits at this time.  However, those that have a need to be parked outside of regularly designated, non-reserved parking spaces (e.g. - out of space, in reserved spaces, etc) need to obtain reserved parking and associated permits.

*Project managers should verify that any current construction parking needs comply to standard campus parking requirements as of the date of this message.

Please note that due to current state and federal mandates, and in order to comply with these orders, special parking requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and only those deemed as essential to the operational needs of the campus will be authorized.

For updates and more information about refunds, renewals, or other permit-related business, please see our FAQ page or contact TAPS at taps@ucsc.edu.