Campus emergency directive closes trails and recreational spaces through April 15

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Office of Emergency Services

This is an emergency directive for all UCSC locations: 

Effective immediately, all UCSC campus trails and recreational spaces are closed and prohibited for use through April 15, 2020.  Closure signs (in English and Spanish) are currently being posted at trailheads and recreational spaces (an initial list of locations is below and additional areas may receive signage). This directive follows the county’s order to fight the spread of COVID–19 by sheltering in place. Please do your part, shelter in place, and only leave home to conduct essential activities.

County Order

By order of the Health Officer, all parks and beaches in Santa Cruz County are closed through 4/15. Fight COVID–19 by sheltering in place. Stay safe. Stay home. Save lives.

Parks/beaches in Santa Cruz County closed through 4/15 under shelter in place order.

Por orden del Funcionario Principal de Salud, todos los parques y playas en el Condado de Santa Cruz estan cerrados hasta el 15 de abril de 2020. Combata el COVID–19 refugiandose en su hogar. Mantengase seguro. Quedese en casa. Salve vidas.

Parques y playas del condado de Santa Cruz estan cerrados hasta el 4/15.

Initial list of UCSC locations receiving signage

  • Coastal Sciences Campus
  • 2300 Delaware Campus
  • Cardiff Gate
  • Workout area near PD (Lot 105)
  • Ranch View Rd. @ Bike Path entrance
  • Ranch View Rd. @ Terrace Entrance
  • Bike Path Crossing near Farm Rd.
  • Bike Path (Top) @ Recital Hall
  • Village Footpath to/from East Remote
  • Side Walk along Hager Dr.
  • Dirt Path to/from Pogonip 
  • Coolidge @ Pogonip Lookout
  • Lower East Field
  • East Field
  • East Field House B-Ball Courts
  • Walking path from East Field to Hahn
  • Quarry Amphitheater
  • Chinquapin Rd.
  • College Nine Road
  • College Ten Road
  • Red Hill Road
  • North Perimeter Lot 150B
  • Porter Lot 143
  • Porter College Service Rd.
  • Porter College
  • Family Student Housing
  • Rachel Carson College
  • Family Student Housing Field
  • Lower West Field (Oaks College)
  • Empire Grade Road/FSH Turn Out
  • Empire Grade Road/Twin Gates
  • Empire Grade Road/Heller Dr.
  • Empire Grade Road/Inclusion area & Farm Access
  • Empire Grade Rd./Arboretum Rd.