Update on grade withholding and spring quarter enrollments

To: UC Santa Cruz Undergraduate Students

From: Interim Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Lori Kletzer

I want to recognize your continued patience as we work through the effects of the unsanctioned graduate student strike. This has been a difficult year — you endured power outages in the fall, and more recently the withholding of fall quarter grades, and now the winter quarter teaching strike which has impeded your access to classes, sections, and labs. You have faced significant disruption and uncertainty over the past three months.

However, I want to share with you that we now have 96% of fall grades submitted, and the faculty Academic Senate, which oversees grade policy, has made a decision on how instructors and departments may submit fall grades where they are missing. Faculty will be working over the coming weeks to implement this decision. If you are concerned that your winter grades may be withheld, there are a few options you can pursue now. You may reach out to your instructor, or the chair of the department sponsoring the course. You may also contact Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education Richard Hughey (vpdue@ucsc.edu). They will be able to answer questions and provide further instruction. 

I have heard from many of you that you are concerned with the enrollment limits placed on courses that are critical to meeting your degree requirements. Although realistically some students will not be able to access their first-choice classes in spring, departments have already increased spaces in courses in several majors. We are working hard to prioritize students who are applying to graduate in spring or fall, and we  are committed to ensuring that you graduate as scheduled. If, after your enrollment appointment, you are unable to access classes that you need to graduate in spring, please reach out to your advisors who will assist you in staying on track. 

I appreciate your patience and recognize the difficulties you may be facing as our campus community works through this challenge together. If you need someone to talk to or are feeling stressed, I hope you will reach out to our campus mental health resources, including the Let’s Talk program offered throughout the week. It is a great way to meet with mental health professionals to talk through any issues or concerns you are having. I have asked CAPS to expand this service and to add additional resources to support students during this difficult time.   

To keep up to date on this situation as it continues to develop, please see this website.