SHR announces tentative timeline for Talent Acquisition Management system

To: UC Santa Cruz Staff and Faculty

From: Amy Kile, SHR Talent Acquisition Assistant Manager

Dear UCSC Staff, 

As the Staff Human Resources Talent Acquisition department prepares for the launch of TAM, UCPath’s new recruitment module, we wanted to reach out to the campus to share the tentative timeline for the TAM rollout, as well as some changes resulting from TAM implementation.

TAM Cutover Timeline

Talent Acquisition plans to limit the number of job openings that are copied from RMS into TAM to job openings that are for continuous recruitments. Any job opening that is not a part of a continuous recruitment effort must either be completed in RMS or held until the launch of TAM. With this in mind, here is the cutover timeline for RMS and TAM:

4/30/20: The last date for a job opening to be posted in RMS is 4/30. This allows for a two-week posting period before an initial review date (IRD) of 5/14. If the hiring manager would like more than a two-week posting period before the IRD passes, the job must be posted earlier than 4/30 so that the IRD is no later than 5/14. 
5/14/20: The last possible IRD for a job opening in RMS will be 5/14. Any job opening requiring an IRD later than 5/14 will need to be held until it can be posted in TAM. 
6/1/20: TAM launches! 

In accordance with this timeline, there will be an effective blackout period for posting new job openings during the month of May. We hope that by communicating this timeline to the campus now, departments can plan accordingly to minimize disruption within their departments. 

Note that while there is a blackout period for posting new job openings in RMS, there is no such blackout period for planning and requesting new job openings for June. Talent Acquisition will continue to receive and process new job opening requests throughout the month of May so that they are ready to go when TAM launches on June 1st. Likewise, there is no blackout period whatsoever related to job offer activity and TA will continue to extend job offers and start new employees during the month of May.

ServiceNow Job Opening Request Form

Starting in June, the RMS Worksheets will be retired, to be replaced by a new Job Opening Request form in ServiceNow. This new form will offer all of the same functionality currently handled by all of the current RMS Worksheets, including competitive recruitments (open recruitments and campus-only recruitments), non-recruitments, waivers of recruitments, and job offers. As of June, ServiceNow will be the main interface through which the campus will interact with the TAM module in UCPath. 

The New Recruitment Document Suite

Alongside the launch of TAM and the new Job Opening Request form in ServiceNow, we will also be rolling out a new Recruitment Document Suite using Google Drive. The Recruitment Document Suite contains a number of familiar (yet updated) documents, including screening matrixes and recruitment selection logs that will help hiring managers and hiring committees throughout the recruitment process. 

Where to Apply for Jobs

As of June 1st, there will be two different portals through which applicants can apply to staff jobs. For current employees, they will access job postings through UCPath in the Internal Candidate Gateway. For non-employees, they will access job postings through an External Candidate Gateway, which will be accessible through

Where to Get Support

If you have any questions about the RMS/TAM cutover timeline, the new ServiceNow Job Opening Request form, the Recruitment Document Suite, or the two Candidate Gateways, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help. The fastest way to get help is to email

We’re here to help!