Notice of Mandatory Housing Relocation

To: Campus Housing Residents

From: UCSC Student Housing Services

In response to COVID-19, UC Santa Cruz has taken steps to dramatically and immediately reduce the number of people living on campus. Students who can return to a permanent address or make alternate housing arrangements have been encouraged to leave campus. However, we understand that leaving campus may not be an option for everyone and we are committed to supporting our students through this outbreak.

In order to focus our staffing and support services on the needs of a smaller residential population on campus, we will be relocating the following residents:

  • Students living in residence halls
  • Students living at the Camper Park, Village, or University Town Center
  • Students living in apartments at Cowell College, Redwood Grove, and the Porter Apartment Buildings F and G

Students will be relocated to College Nine, College Ten, Crown College, or Merrill College. It is our goal to:

  • Reassign apartment residents to the apartments at one of the above communities.
  • Reassign residence hall residents to the residence hall facilities at one of the above communities. These housing areas are in proximity to one of the two campus dining halls that we currently plan to keep open (College Nine/College Ten Dining Hall and Crown Dining Hall).
  • Moving assistance will be provided. This will include moving bins, supplies such as cardboard boxes and tape, as well as movers and trucks to transport your belongings to your new housing assignment.

Housing staff are currently working on your new housing assignment. You will soon receive a message with information about your new room assignment and instructions for completing your move. To be clear, this move is mandatory and we appreciate your cooperation. Note: special attention is being placed on students with disability-related needs to ensure the new housing assignment will meet their individual needs.

In order to maximize efficient use of housing space, while also implementing appropriate physical distancing for residents, each room will be assigned as a single. Students will not be negatively financially impacted by this change to single occupancy residency. Instead all residential students will be charged the triple room rate for spring quarter. Additionally, students on the 5-day meal plan for spring quarter will be upgraded, at no additional cost, to the 7-day plan to ensure dining access during the weekends. Students already on the 7-day plan for spring quarter will receive a rate reduction to the cost of the 5-day plan. Apartment residents who wish to obtain the 7-day meal plan at the 5-day plan cost may do so.

You are receiving this letter because you have indicated that you plan to remain in residence this spring. We want you to know the latest information so that you can make an informed decision about your housing situation to the extent that you have choices. If you can make alternate housing arrangements, we strongly urge you to do so. If you do plan to leave campus, please complete the Intent to Vacate form to indicate your intention to move-out of university housing as soon as possible. We will continue to offer a full housing refund for spring quarter to students who give their intent to vacate and complete their move-out by April 19.

Based upon the current public health information available, the following details the conditions we anticipate in our residential buildings during spring quarter. Please keep in mind that this is an evolving situation and circumstances may change further.

  • We are doing all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, the virus has already become so prevalent that public health authorities believe that if testing were more widely available, it would reveal that many of us, including UCSC students and employees, have already been exposed to this virus.
  • The primary public health strategy is mitigation: reducing exposure by rigorous compliance with physical distancing recommendations, cessation of group gatherings, regular handwashing and extra care to avoid unnecessary contact with our most vulnerable populations. This is most effective when followed by all of us as individuals. However, we want to prepare you for the reality that some people residing in as well as staff supporting campus housing will inevitably become ill with COVID-19.
  • It is also inevitable that students who become sick with COVID-19 but are not ill enough to require hospitalization will need to self-isolate in campus residences. Students who are exposed to the virus before they realize it will be living in some proximity to students who are well, increasing the potential for the virus to spread.
  • We will close several of the residential buildings and relocate any students residing there, as well as adjust our housing and dining operations to improve physical distancing.
  • Any resident who remains on campus for spring should be prepared to be relocated (possibly more than once) so that we may create spaces for isolation as well as quarantine.
  • Dining Services will be limited to take-out only meals.

We appreciate that this information may add to your anxiety during what is an already stressful time. It is our goal to share as much information as we have as quickly as possible so you can make decisions that are right for you.

Since you are planning to remain in residence during spring, please begin to prepare yourself for relocation, and follow instructions that will follow from your Housing/Student Life Office.

Student Housing Services