FAQs on Housing and Dining

Do I need to take action to let the campus know I am moving out or if I am remaining on campus?

Yes! By March 20: Undergraduate, Graduate and Family Student Housing Tenants note the following:

Additionally, students who have already returned to their permanent residence and need to request an extension to remove their belongings at a later date should ALSO complete the Late Checkout form (form requires a UCSC account).

Why are students being asked to move off campus before spring quarter?

In order to dramatically reduce the population density on campus, we strongly urge students who can safely leave to do so by Sunday, March 29. This will allow the remaining students who are not able to leave campus the recommended space for effective social distancing.

Will I violate a shelter-in-place mandate by traveling to/from campus for purposes of move out?

The March 16 Santa Cruz County Shelter-in-Place mandate, Item 10.h.vi, indicates that travel to/from campus in order to return a student to their permanent residence is allowable while simultaneously observing social distancing requirements as defined in that same document.

Our campus is working closely with the County of Santa Cruz, and the County supports this interpretation. Please read a message from Vice Chancellor Sarah Latham on this topic.

What is the deadline for my departure from campus?

We ask that students depart by Sunday, March 29 if possible. However, no spring housing fees will be assessed for those who need to remain in residence until April 5, or for those who cannot remove their belongings by April 5. A late check out date, at no additional charge, may be requested for students unable to remove their belongings by April 5 using this form (form requires a UCSC account).

Will I be refunded for spring quarter housing and/or dining fees if I’ve already paid them?

Students who complete their Intent to Vacate notice by Friday, March 20 and who move out of residence by April 5th will be eligible for a full refund of any housing and dining fees for spring quarter. This will also apply to students who need to request a Late Checkout because they are unable to retrieve their belongings and complete the move-out process at this time.

What do I do if I went home for spring break but my belongings remain on campus?

Students who have already returned to their permanent residence and need to request an extension to remove their belongings at a later date should ALSO complete the Late Checkout form (form requires a UCSC account). Students must be sure to submit the Intent to Vacate form, even if they have already departed campus.

It is requested that all students completely vacate the rooms they occupied on campus, taking all belongings with them.

What will happen to my Housing Guarantee if I live off-campus for the spring quarter?

We will not be voiding guarantees for students who cancel their university housing for spring 2020. Therefore, if a student has a guarantee that extends beyond spring 2020, they will retain that guarantee as long as they apply for fall housing during the April 13–20 Priority Housing Application Period.

Who is allowed to remain living on campus for spring quarter?

Students may consider remaining on campus during the Spring Quarter only if they satisfy at least one of the following conditions:

  • Do not have access to alternate housing
  • Financial resources do not enable a return to their permanent residence
  • Personal health or safety considerations prohibit relocation
  • Permanent residence does not have, and cannot obtain the infrastructure needed to support remote learning
  • Other extenuating circumstances

The university will not be seeking documentation or validation that one of these criteria have been met.

If I’ve left campus but still have keys to my university housing assignment with me, how can I return them?

Please send keys in a padded or cardboard envelope to the housing office of the community in which you lived per example below. (Fill in the blank with the name of the community, e.g, Merrill College or Oakes College, etc.)

____________ Housing Office UC Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Must Family Student Housing residents vacate the campus?

No. All Family Student Housing residents are eligible to remain on campus. But it is asked that you please complete the Remain in Residence form as soon as possible.
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