Campus Housing and Operations Update

To: UCSC Housing Residents

From: UCSC Student Housing Services

Dear Resident,

Action Required by Friday, March 20. Please read below for instructions.

The emergence of COVID-19 is presenting unprecedented challenges for communities all across the country. As COVID-19 mitigation actions escalate across the country, our campus is making additional changes to our operations.

In order to dramatically reduce the density on campus, we strongly urge students who can safely leave to do so by Sunday, March 29. This will allow the remaining students who are not able to leave campus the recommended space for effective social distancing.

ACTION REQUIRED by March 20: Undergraduate, Graduate and Family Student Housing Tenants

  • Students departing Housing - Complete the Intent to Vacate form (form requires a UCSC account)
  • Students remaining in Housing - Complete the Remain in Residence form (form requires a UCSC account)

Additionally, students who have already returned to their permanent residence and need to request an extension to remove their belongings at a later date should ALSO complete the Late Checkout form.

More detail below:

Students Moving Out of University Housing
Whether you have already left campus or are planning to soon, please complete the Intent to Vacate form (form requires a UCSC account) by Friday, March 20. If you have already completed this form then you do not need to complete it again.

Students who complete their move-out and/or have submitted their Intent to Vacate notice by Friday, March 20 will be eligible for a full refund of any housing and dining fees for spring quarter. This will also apply to students who need to request a Late Checkout because they are unable to retrieve their belongings and complete the move-out process at this time.

We will process cancellations and make adjustments to student accounts in the order in which move-out process has been completed. We appreciate your patience during this time and advise that you closely monitor your university account ( to see when your charges have been adjusted. Your account will not accrue a housing late fee while we work to process your adjustment.

Additionally, we will not be voiding guarantees for students who cancel their university housing for spring 2020. Therefore, if a student has a guarantee that extends beyond spring 2020, they will retain that guarantee as long as they apply during the April 13-20 Priority Housing Application Period.

Students Remaining in University Housing
If you need to remain in university housing through spring, please indicate that by completing the Remain in Residence form by Friday, March 20.

Students may consider remaining on campus during the Spring Quarter only if they satisfy at least one of the following conditions:

  • Do not have access to alternate housing
  • Financial resources do not enable a return to their permanent residence
  • Personal health or safety considerations prohibit relocation
  • Permanent residence does not have, and cannot obtain the infrastructure needed to support remote learning
  • Other extenuating circumstances

As a university, we understand the challenges faced in following public health guidelines to limit close contact with others to slow the spread of coronavirus. Your health and safety are our first priority, and we are taking actions to significantly increase social distancing on our campus.

It is likely we will need to close some of the residential buildings and relocate those students remaining on campus into fewer locations, as well as adjust our housing and dining operations to improve social distancing. These decisions will be made once we have determined how many students have a need to remain in university housing.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we work to keep students and the UCSC community healthy and safe.

You can find additional information on the following sites:
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