Campus Advisory

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What’s behind the Unsanctioned Graduate Student Strike?

Updates—Monday, March 9

8:30 a.m.—Both campus entrances are open, and traffic is flowingly freely on and off of campus. There are no picketers present at either gate. Metro buses are coming onto campus, and campus loop shuttles are running on their regular schedule.

Campus Services


Undergraduate Admissions, unaffected

Athletics and Recreation

Normal schedule.

Bay Tree Bookstore

Bay Tree Bookstore, regular schedule 
ID Card Services, regular schedule 
The Express Store, regular schedule  

Dining Services

Regular schedule

Early Education Services



Regular schedule 

Mail Service

Regular schedule

Registrar's Office


Scotts Valley Center


Student Health Center

Regular schedule 

Transportation and Parking Services

Metro buses will not come onto campus when picketers are present. Campus loop shuttles are running on a slightly altered schedule as a result. Delays possible.  Disability Van Service available.



Some UC Santa Cruz graduate students have announced they will begin an unsanctioned, open-ended labor strike starting on Monday, Feb. 10. While we do not know how this strike will impact campus, organizers have said in an email to campus leaders they will not be teaching, grading, holding office hours, and/or conducting research. Picketing at the base of campus is also anticipated. Read more.