Microsoft Windows 7 Support Ends on January 14, 2020

To: UCSC Campus Community

From: Lisa Bono, Information Technology Services

Microsoft will end support of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. When a vendor ends support, it can lead to security vulnerabilities, software incompatibility, compliance issues, and poor computer performance and reliability. It's important that your computer is running the latest supported software and operating system.

The majority of computers and devices managed by ITS through BigFix have already been updated. We still have approximately 250 computers to update.

Computers not managed by ITS that are still running Windows 7 will need to be updated with the latest supported software. You can find out which version of Windows your machine is running by visiting:

More details:

If you have questions, please submit an IT Request ticket at, or contact the ITS Support Center by email or telephone 459-HELP (4357).

Thank you.