Information and resources about the illegal work stoppage

To: UC Santa Cruz Campus Community

From: Interim Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Lori Kletzer

As we approach the end of finals week, I want to share information about the illegal work stoppage and resources for addressing what may happen if grades are not submitted on time.

The high cost of housing and the lack of affordable housing is a problem that impacts many people in our campus community and is one of our highest and most urgent priorities. We are continuing to develop solutions both for the short- and long-term and want to broadly engage with our graduate student community to discuss solutions for greater support in the face of this severe housing crisis. 

We look forward to engaging with graduate students in their role as students once the illegal work stoppage ends. UC Santa Cruz cannot negotiate a cost of living adjustment, which would be a change to the terms and conditions of employment for members of UAW, while they are under contract. Last year, the University of California negotiated a four-year contract with UAW 2865, the union that represents TAs, readers, tutors and graduate student instructors spanning the ten UC campuses across the state. To discuss terms and conditions of employment, our campus must work through and with the systemwide UAW 2865 organization. 

Grades are due on December 18. We have developed a website with information and answers to frequently asked questions. We are also working with faculty members to ensure grades are submitted in a timely manner and to minimize or eliminate any issues created by the illegal work stoppage.

Students who have questions that cannot be resolved by their instructor or department should contact Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Richard Hughey at  Students are not required and should not feel compelled to share personal and FERPA protected, confidential information with their teaching assistant in order to obtain a final grade. 

Finally, any student in need of help during this stressful time of year or at any point in the year ahead should know that the campus has staff and resources here to support them, including Slug Support, Counseling and Psychological Services, college staff, resource centers, and more. 

I hope you all had a successful fall quarter, and wish you a good winter break. I look forward to finding a path forward with our graduate students and to the rest of the academic year.