On submitting fall quarter grades

To: UC Santa Cruz Faculty

From: Interim Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Lori Kletzer

Dear Faculty Colleagues:

You may have questions about your responsibility to submit grades. I write to provide clarity. 

Faculty members are responsible for assigning and submitting final course grades. While portions of student assessment may be delegated to teaching assistants and readers, ultimately the assignment and submission of grades is the responsibility of the faculty member (Senate faculty and non-Senate faculty), including those who have oversight of graduate student instructors.

Fall 2019 grades are due December 18. It is important to meet this deadline, to the fullest extent possible. I understand you may find yourself without all the information you need to determine final course grades by the deadline. In this case, please contact your department chair or college provost for guidance.

More information is online, including answers to questions you may have about possible impacts to students if grades are not submitted on time.

I appreciate your work in educating and supporting our students.