2019 UCSC Holiday Food Drive

To: UC Santa Cruz Faculty and Staff

From: John Steele, Chair, UCSC Food Drive

Greetings and cheer from the UCSC Holiday Food Drive, which works in cooperation with Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz County to provide healthy meals to our friends and neighbors in need.

Last year, the UC Santa Cruz holiday food drive raised 150,000 meals for our friends and neighbors in need. We hope that you will help us make this another great year for UCSC in support of the greater Santa Cruz Community.

You can donate at pantry barrels, online, or through donation envelopes found at campus mail stops.

Your donations are secure through campus mail services. Donation envelopes are being distributed this week. Please make checks payable to Second Harvest Food Bank and mark your affiliation on the memo line. You can learn more about the drive and how to make donations online.
We are honored to work in cooperation with Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz, the healthiest food bank in the nation. Second Harvest's buying power enables it to distribute more than 60 percent of meals in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. Second Harvest recognizes the importance of eating smart and its long-term connection to the health of our community. Your pantry donations go a long way, and your envelope donations can go further with a lower carbon footprint.

One hundred percent of your donation is used to feed people in need in the Santa Cruz community. One dollar creates four healthy meals at the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Thank you for your continued support. If you would like to get involved with the food drive, please contact me at:

John Steele
Chair, UCSC holiday food drive