Information and resources about strike activities on Nov. 13, 2019

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Steve Stein, Associate Vice Chancellor, Staff Human Resources; Jennifer Schiffner, Director, Employee and Labor Relations

The University of California has been informed that there will be a labor strike on all of its campuses and medical centers on Wednesday, Nov. 13, beginning at midnight and going through 11:59 p.m. The strike will include employees represented by AFSCME Service (SX), Patient Care Technical (EX), and Skilled Trades (K7). In advance of this scheduled strike activity, we write to share information and resources.

The university is committed to ensuring that all people may exercise the constitutionally protected rights of free expression, speech, and assembly. The right of free speech in a university includes the right to acts of peaceful dissent, protests in peaceable assembly, and orderly demonstrations which include picketing.

It is important to know that these rights are subject to restrictions based on time, place, and manner rules. For example, UC policy does not allow free expression to disrupt the regular and essential operations of the university, to significantly infringe on the rights of others, or to block or impede ingress to or egress from the campus or buildings. When free expression disrupts our ability to offer classes, administer exams, carry on research, or run the university in general—or when it violates university policy or the law in any way—then it may be subject to disciplinary consequences.

Additionally, please remember that no employee is ever obligated to strike. Unions are legally prohibited from threatening or coercing members in other ways to keep them from coming to work. Staff members should remain in contact with their supervisors and managers to discuss their schedules and work locations.

If you feel you are being threatened, harassed, intimidated about crossing the picket line, or are prevented from working by picketers or striking employees, please immediately notify your supervisor and your campus employee and labor relations office. In cases of emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Though we do not know how these strike activities will impact the operation of our campus, we are working to do everything we can to ensure continued operations. TAPS Transit Operations will give highest priority to providing Disability Van Service (DVS) clients transport between on-campus locations while suspending the Bike Shuttle and regular Loop and Upper Campus shuttle services. Santa Cruz Metro buses typically do not enter campus during strikes; however, they generally drop off and pick up riders at the base of campus.

We anticipate that there will be dining options open during the strike; however, dining option hours will be limited from 7 a.m to 8 p.m and types of food available will be limited as well. We also anticipate that all cafes and restaurants operated by UC Santa Cruz Dining may be closed. Please check the Dining and campus websites for updates.

We also anticipate that the Student Health Services will be open during the strike, but may have limited services. The health center recommends that students proactively take care of any immediate health care needs prior to the strike.  Students can also access care by using the Anthem Live Health Online Service at  

If you have questions about campus operations on strike days, information will be posted on a special website:, recorded on the campus communication hotline (459-INFO), provided to KZSC Radio (88.1 FM) for broadcast, and shared via the campus Twitter account ( If access to the campus is not possible, further instructions to the campus community will be posted via these channels.

Thank you for your patience during this time.