Slug G Suite | UCSC Google Apps for prior students

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Lisa Bono, Information Technology Services

I am happy to announce a new service coming soon for prior UCSC students called Slug G Suite.

Beginning November 14, Slug G Suite will allow UCSC students to keep their Google Apps services after they leave our campus. This includes access to their email account, Google Drive, Calendar, Groups, Sites and more.

Action Recommended - Check your share settings in Google

Now that prior students will have access to their UCSC Google services, make sure to check your share settings in Google Drive, Calendar and Groups and revoke access that is no longer needed. With this new service, prior students will have access to all the Google materials previously shared with them. For help on how to find and remove shared access, visit

The continuation of Google Apps services will improve our campus’s ability to engage with prior students regardless of their graduation status, streamline our communication and outreach efforts to alumni and those wishing to return to UCSC, and offer an enhanced user experience by simplifying access to these frequently-requested services.

ITS and University Relations are happy to be able to offer this long-requested service. For more information, see the Slug G Suite webpage.

If you have questions, please submit an IT Request ticket at, or contact the ITS Support Center by email, telephone 459-HELP(4357).

Thank you.