Ochoa appointed interim provost of Oakes College

Marcia Ochoa

The Division of Undergraduate Education announced the appointment of Marcia Ochoa as Oakes College interim provost, effective July 1.

Ochoa is an anthropologist who specializes in the ethnography of media. Ochoa’s first book was on the accomplishment of femininity among beauty pageant contestants (misses) and transgender women (transformistas) in Venezuela. 

Ochoa’s work focuses on the role of the imaginary in the survival of queer and transgender people in Latin America, and on the emerging social movement of translatinas, or transgender women who migrate from Latin America to the US and Europe. 

Ochoa works with El/La Para TransLatinas in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA to develop programming and social justice work that promotes transgender Latina social participation and reflects the style and grace of translatina survival. Professor Ochoa is also co-editor of GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. 

Ochoa is an associate professor of Feminist Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, and Social Documentation at UC Santa Cruz. In 2018-19, she/they served as associate provost at Oakes College.

In assuming the interim provost role, Ochoa continues a long-term commitment to Oakes College as a place that welcomes and supports underrepresented and first-generation college students.

“My goal in accepting this great honor and responsibility is to keep the Oakes love flowing by supporting our many community engagement and student support programs, and to welcome the next provost of the college,” Ochoa said. 

Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education (VPDUE) Richard Hughey noted that Oakes College is a unique community of learning dedicated to helping students from many backgrounds achieve their educational goals. 

“I was excited to discuss with Marcia ways in which they may bring their transnational, multicultural, and tri-lingual research in gender studies to Oakes’ students, curriculum, and programs,” he said.

Hughey asked the campus to join in appreciation of Oakes College Provost Regina Langhout’s five years of service. Langhout’s leadership, dedication, and success as provost has propelled Oakes to new heights and will be continued by Professor Ochoa, he said.