Reminder: ParkMobile implementation

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Dan Henderson, interim director, Transportation and Parking Services

Beginning June 21, parking meters on campus will no longer accept coins. In addition, TAPS will implement ParkMobile, a mobile-app pay option, to begin the transition away from coins and ParkCards at metered spaces. ParkMobile will only replace coins and ParkCards at the current coin-operated meters; this will not affect PayStation spaces. 
In the coming days, you will notice some new green decals on the meters providing instructions on how to pay for parking at that space. The presence of these decals means the system is live and ready to go!  If you use metered spaces, download the ParkMobile app ahead of time to get ready for the transition. 
The ParkMobile app is easy to use:
  • Download the ParkMobile app on your smartphone and register for an account.
  • When at a ParkMobile enabled space, open the app and enter the zone number indicated on the decal or sign, along with your vehicle’s license plate number.
  • Parking Enforcement will be able to verify payment and expiration times based on your vehicle license plate number.
  • Follow the payment prompts.
  • Rest easy knowing your parking is paid for — no need to find coins in the cup holder or recharge your ParkCard.
Don’t have a smartphone? Call the toll-free number displayed on the decal or sign to pay by credit card over the phone.
Note: The ParkMobile app will permit your vehicle to stay parked for only the maximum time limit. You cannot extend past this time in the app unless you leave the parking area (zone) for a duration equivalent to the maximum time limit. For example, if you pay and park for the maximum time in a two-hour zone, you cannot start a new parking transaction in this zone for another two hours. This way, more of the campus population can benefit from short-term on-demand parking.
ParkCards: TAPS has already begun phasing out ParkCards.  Any remaining balance must be used by Sept. 13; ParkCards will not be valid after that date.
No other payment method changes will take place until after commencement weekend, and the meters will continue to accept coins through June 21.