Regents approve lease for temporary university house

UC Santa Cruz will lease a house near campus that will serve as the residence for Chancellor-designate Cynthia K. Larive, who starts on July 1.

The UC Regents approved the lease on Thursday. UC Regents Policy 7708 requires that the university provide housing for chancellors.

With the current University House deemed uninhabitable, UC President Janet Napolitano recommended that a property be rented near the main campus to house the incoming chancellor and host small dinners and events for fundraising and celebrating faculty and student success until University House is rebuilt.

The 2,800 square-foot house is about two miles from campus and will cost $6,700 a month. The campus conducted a broad search of available properties by reviewing current listings and contacting local property management companies to find trhe most appropriate rental. The campus also retained an outside expert to evaluate the market and confirm pricing was fair and in alignment with market rate.

University House, built in 1967 on campus, was closed in 2015 due to structural and life/safety code deficiencies. In a seismic safety review, the facility received a poor rating which implies a “severe” risk to life and safety. Additional studies have revealed additional structural problems—such as dry rot—as well as accessibility and other building code deficiencies.

The campus is planning to replace the University House by early 2022.