April 20 DUI checkpoint and law enforcement efforts

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Nader Oweis, Chief of Police

Members of the UC Santa Cruz community and campus neighbors, please be advised there is the potential for traffic disruptions and hazards during the afternoon of Saturday, April 20 because of the unsanctioned gathering known as “4–20”. The greatest impact is expected from 3–6 p.m.

Similar to 2018, we will have an increased law enforcement presence with additional UC police officers, as well as allied law enforcement agencies throughout the campus conducting enforcement activities. These officers will conduct enhanced patrols throughout the day, looking for individuals in violation of the law, including the possession of and/or using marijuana and alcohol or other drugs; drivers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol; and will enforce distracting driving laws, unpermitted vending of any merchandise, food, water, services, or marijuana of any kind on the campus. Campus parking regulations will also be strictly enforced.

In addition to these enforcement efforts, the Santa Cruz Area CHP will be conducting a DUI checkpoint near the west side of campus, aggressively seeking those who choose to drive under the influence. In 2018, we arrested two DUI drivers, including one driver in possession of a firearm. We also wrote numerous citations for marijuana violations and traffic related violations.

There will not be any Campus Loop Shuttles and Metro bus service will be on limited weekend service. Traffic diversion measures may be instituted if needed to alleviate impacted areas. If driving a vehicle, be alert for increased pedestrian traffic on all roadways, as well as the signage indicating the presence of the DUI checkpoint.

There are potentially serious consequences of choosing to attend. We ask that individuals consider the risks and possible criminal penalties. Individuals affiliated with the campus are also subject to sanctions by the Student Conduct Office or Human Resources.

As we continue to talk about the impacts of drugs and alcohol on this campus, and to the greater Santa Cruz community, it is also important to know the facts around the recreational use of marijuana at UC Santa Cruz. You should know that:

  • Possession and/or use of marijuana in any form (edibles, plant, concentrated, vaporized, etc.) on the campus, or any university property is not legal.
  • It is not legal for any person to smoke or ingest marijuana in a public place, both on and off campus. A citation could cost you up to $500 per violation when court fees are attached.
  • It is not legal to drive a vehicle or ride a bicycle impaired or under the influence of marijuana.
  • It is not legal to possess marijuana for sale, transport, import, furnish, or give away marijuana.

We are committed to the health and safety of our community. We know that this can be a challenging day for our students who are substance free or who are trying to stay away from those using marijuana. The Cove is open all day on 4–20 to support students wanting a sober space, with a BBQ and music starting at 12:30 More information can be found online or by contacting Jorge Bru at jbru@ucsc.edu.

Please remember to take care of one another. As always, please do not delay in seeking assistance for yourself or another needing help by dialing 911.