Campus status updates — possible demonstrations

May 1, 2019

9:35 a.m.—Entrances remain open and clear. Drive carefully. No further updates today unless the situation changes. 

8 a.m.—Campus operations underway as scheduled. Both entrances open. Next update at 9 a.m. or as information warrants.

7:37 a.m.—Campus entrances remain open. Drive safely. Next update will be shared at 8 a.m. or as information warrants. 

7:05 a.m.—Campus open and operating as planned. Both entrances are free and clear. Drive safely. Next update will be posted at 7:30 a.m. or as information warrants. 

6:31 a.m.—Entrances are clear with traffic flowing. Campus operations as scheduled. This page will be updated at 7 a.m. or as information warrants.

6:03 a.m.—Campus entrances are open with traffic flowing. Drive cautiously. This page will be updated every 30 minutes or as information warrants. 

5:34 a.m.—Entrances remain open and clear. Drive carefully. 

5:19 a.m.—Entrances remain open with traffic flowing freely. Drive safely. 

5 a.m.—Both entrances are open and clear. Drive safely and cautiously. 


UC Santa Cruz is anticipating potential demonstration activities on Wednesday, May 1.

No formal labor action is planned, but May 1 is International Workers Day, which has drawn demonstrations to campus in the past. Flyers posted around campus also suggest demonstrators will be active again this year. This is an advisory to be prepared and to stay informed.

At this time it is unknown how these activities will impact campus; as we have seen in the past, demonstrations may result in peaceful expression or may include impeding vehicle access to campus, marching around campus or through buildings, and interfering with university business.

Students concerned with how May Day activities might impact their classes, or getting to classes, are urged to speak to their instructors. Instructors are strongly encouraged to speak with their department chair regarding contingency plans should classroom access be impacted.

Staff supervisors and managers should discuss contingency plans with staff ahead of May 1. When appropriate, contingency plans may include telecommuting and alternate work-site arrangements. In any situation of imminent danger, people should call 911.

A resource page with information on demonstration preparedness can be found online.