Title IX Office fully staffed with new assistant director, investigators

New staff members in the Title IX office
From left: Sana Amini, principal investigator/complaint resolution officer, Anna Bartkowski, assistant director and deputy Title IX officer, and Jared Jorde, principal investigator/complaint resolution officer. 

The UC Santa Cruz Title IX Office is fully staffed, which will allow the campus to more quickly investigate allegations of sexual misconduct as well as expand education and prevention efforts.

The office, led by Title IX Officer Isabel Dees, has six staff members, including, an assistant director, three full-time investigators, and a response team coordinator.

UC Santa Cruz has focused on expanding the office in the last several years after seeing a sharp increase in the number of reports of sexual harassment and sexual violence. Dees attributes the increase to more people being willing to come forward rather than an increase in the number of incidents.

The Title IX Office completed all investigations from the 2017–18 academic year before the first day of fall 2018 instruction. Additionally, the office completed all investigation that were initiated in fall 2018 in compliance with time requirements in the policy.

“We could not do this work without dedicated people who are driven by educational equity and inclusion, and committed to stewarding a fair and neutral process,” Dees said. “Being fully staffed will help ensure we are responsive, thorough, and timely in our investigations as well as engaged members of the UCSC community.”

The new staff members are:

Anna Bartkowski, assistant director and deputy Title IX officer

Anna Bartkowski is responsible for managing and mentoring the investigation team staff members, who investigate and resolve complaints of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, gender-related violence including stalking and intimate partner violence, and protected class discrimination and harassment.

Bartkowski said she is a dedicated advocate of social justice and is eager to advance gender equity on campus.

“This work takes passion and dedication. I care very much about this issue and the members of this community, especially students. I have a true desire to see positive and lasting equity,” she said.

Bartkowski earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Saint Edward’s University in Texas and her master’s in legal studies from Texas State University.

She worked for several years as a mediator in central Texas before becoming the founding executive director of the Hays County Dispute Resolution Center. After three years of successfully managing the startup nonprofit, she accepted a position with UC Santa Cruz.

Sana Amini, principal investigator/complaint resolution officer

Before joining UC Santa Cruz, Sana Amini offered legal aid support to families and immigrants.

“I am excited to apply my legal knowledge to protecting the civil rights of students, staff, and faculty in my new position,” Amini said. “I look forward to being part of a growing department that is helping to bring about a more just and equitable UC Santa Cruz community.”

She earned a bachelor’s degree in American studies and Middle East studies at Smith College before graduating with a juris doctorate from the University of New Hampshire School of Law.

Amini previously worked in the campus Real Estate Office.

Jared Jorde, principal investigator/complaint resolution officer

Jared Jorde comes to UC Santa Cruz from the University of Arizona, where he worked for the Office of Institutional Equity investigating Title IX and other equity-related complaints.

He brings several years of dedicated investigative experience and expertise to the role and a committment to ensuring UCSC’s vibrant community can work and learn in a safe, productive environment.

“UC Santa Cruz is like no place else,” Jorde said. “I am excited to bring my investigative experiences to serve the community.”

Jorde holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arizona and a bachelor’s in English from Arizona State University.