Spring 2019 UCSC Campus Transit

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Dan Henderson, Interim Director of Transportation and Parking Services

In 1972, the UCSC student body approved the first Student Transit Fee of $3.50 per student per quarter to fund a service agreement with the Santa Cruz METRO to allow fare-free rides throughout Santa Cruz County for registered students.  Eventually, this fee was also used to fund UCSC Campus Transit shuttles. Both of these transit services continue to be primarily funded through this compulsory fee.

Since 1972, UCSC students have voted to approve increases to the Student Transit Fee ten times—most recently over ten years ago in 2008, to $111.66 per student.  Over the course of that span, this fee has become less and less sufficient to fund previously-provided levels of transit service. In Spring 2018, the Student Ballot included Measure 69, which proposed increasing the Student Transit Fee in order to maintain transit service to, and throughout, campus. Unfortunately, Measure 69 failed.

As a result of this, in October 2018, Campus Transit operating hours and frequencies were reduced to balance the operating budget. After additional financial analysis of Fall and Winter quarter data, it has been determined that additional Campus Transit service reductions are necessary.

Effective April 1, additional service reductions will be made to Upper Campus routes served by Campus Transit.  Please click here to view updated UCSC Campus Transit shuttle schedules. At this time, Bike Shuttle and Santa Cruz Metro service will remain unchanged.

TAPS hopes to once again have a Transit Fee Referendum on the Student Ballot in May, 2019. Should the referendum fail, service levels (for both METRO and Campus Transit) will continue to be reduced or eliminated.