Staff policy PPSM 21, Selection and Appointment Implementation for Students

The UC Office of the President recently revised an important staff policy, Selection and Appointment - PPSM 21. PPSM 21 revisions include changes to the background check process, disclosure of information, and employment eligibility determinations. Our campus implemented these new changes for staff employees effective September 17, 2018.

At this time, we would like to inform campus that effective February 8, 2019 our campus has implemented these changes for our student employee population as well.

This amended policy represents significant changes for all UC campuses. While the task of reorienting our campus hiring practices to adhere to this new policy falls under the purview of Staff Human Resources (SHR), all campus units are ultimately impacted by these changes. Student employee background check practices will now be expected to align with the changes that were made effective 9/17/18 for staff. Those changes are listed below:

  • Background checks are now required prior to appointment of student and staff candidates into positions responsible for performing critical functions.  The background check process does not apply to non-critical positions.

  • The policy stipulates that SHR shall be solely responsible for the assessment and final determination of employment eligibility for student and staff candidates with potentially disqualifying information. SHR will not disclose the specifics or nature of potentially disqualifying information to hiring units at any point in the assessment, hiring, or employment processes.

Student candidates may begin employment with UC Santa Cruz in a critical position once they have passed the background check. This change may result in extended turnaround times before a start date is determined.

Going forward, when a student candidate is cleared for a critical position, an additional background check may not be required.

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We appreciate your partnership as the campus completes our implementation of this important policy.